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ECC Venice Biennale, 2021
Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy

Anthology of the Now and Blueprint of the Future.

An investigation into the meaning of time and inhabitation through the collective documentation of personal experiences. The cyanotype is the chosen medium for the recording of multiple individual photograms to create a composite visual diary. The project context is the temporal monotony created by the loss of routines due to the pandemic. This "disappearance of time" has resulted in an undifferentiated experience where the personal markings of time have been lost.


We asked hundreds of participants from all over the world to create 15 cm x 15 cm cyanotype photograms from photo-sensitive paper to create “Time Stills”. The finished photograms were returned by mail, indicating the location of the recording, the time of the day and the duration of the exposure. 


Additionally, physical models have been created using several selected photograms as a source, interpreting and translating each 2-dimensional imprint of shadow and light into a series of cubes. The goal of this exercise is to portray time, space and existence through the architectural act of interpretation of the abstract into form; each cube representing a thought, memory or idea manifested in 3-dimensions.


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