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Sands Point House

Sands Point, NY
Completion: 2014

5,750 sf home renovation and addition.

A renovation and addition to an existing ranch style house on the north shore of Long Island; The fabled “East Egg” of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”


Framing devices and exterior finishes heighten the integration of the house in the landscape and give character as you enter the house. Much of the existing interior walls were removed, opening up and adapting the house to fit the lifestyle of the family while retaining and accentuating the character of the original house. A core “Element” was created at the center of the home that contains bathrooms and storage and is clad in white oak slats which add a unique texture to the character of the open space while acting as an acoustic baffle to mediate sound in the long and open loft-like interior. Natural lighting strategies throughout the space work in tandem with other lighting strategies to choreograph each domestic activity.

Photos by PorterFanna

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