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Room 17 Recording Studio

Bushwick Brooklyn, NY
Completion: 2013
2,500sf Recording Studio


Converted from a former industrial space, Room 17 was envisioned as a creative space for the production of extraordinary music and art. Our team worked closely together to create a spacious and dynamic environment that promotes innovation and experimentation. The 3200 sf studio houses one of the largest drum and tracking rooms in New York and is extremely live with 14 foot high ceilings allowing drums to project deeply into the space. In addition to the main cutting room there are two large isolation rooms for tracking vocals and instrumentals, 3 smaller, flexible ISO rooms and a unique echo chamber converted from the former boiler room. The physics of sound dictated that asymmetrical wall geometries would define the floor plans of spaces where music recording would occur. The control room was designed to maximize sight lines to and from the main space and ISO rooms while symmetrical wall geometries were created behind the trident 80 series 40 channel console and monitor speakers for optimal stereo imaging. A dynamic recipe of both reflective and absorptive ceiling/wall surfaces ensure optimal acoustics throughout the studio. Specialized wall assemblies enhance sound isolation between all rooms. Custom and stock windows are double glazed and all doors are detailed with acoustical seal components.

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