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Roof Dock

Brooklyn, NY


Roofdock provides an exciting new way to add a floor or two to your New York City townhouse. The system utilizes pre-fabricated modules that delivered to a prospective townhouse, lifted into place and assembled in a short amount of time. The final result is a beautifully designed, environmentally friendly and comfortable addition to the existing building that maximizes the prescribed, allowable building area and does so through a less burdensome construction process on site. The overall unit design is modern and flexible. The End-caps, which attach to the front of the modular building unit, function both as a shield for privacy and as shading and wind modulation devices. They add texture and depth and can be modified in material and layout to the taste of the owner. Inside, the home is open and airy, with abundant natural light and cross ventilation from windows at both ends and operable skylights and panels above in the central zone. Because each townhouse can be of different width, this zone of the building can be customized to fit the width of the building below. A green roof, solar heating panels, photovoltaic panels as well as wind turbines can be integrated into the unit and sustainable building materials will be used throughout. Add to this, the added benefit of prefabricated construction and the result is that waste is kept to a minimum and quality is engineered into each element.


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