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My Old Kentucky Home

Location: Lawrenceburg, KY

Year: 2014

Size: 2,400 sf

Situated on a lakeside promontory in central Kentucky, this addition and renovation to a 230 year old log home enjoys abundant light and sweeping views of nature.

Several years ago, the owners came to the realization that they needed additional space in order to expand the kitchen and dining areas. Their goal presented not only an opportunity to add space and functionality, but to also reconsider and improve the entire internal circulation of the house. In keeping with the transformative nature of the project, the addition was envisioned as a contrasting architectural form that was at once complementary and respectful to the materials and massing of the original structure.

The house’s new expression of space offers expansive views of the surrounding countryside and seamlessly blends old and new in a timeless fusion, befitting of a site formed by the timeless forces of nature.

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