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Loft Spiral

Location: Downtown Brooklyn, NY

Year: 2012

A conversion of a cramped and outdated apartment into a lively, modern apartment for a young professional couple. The height of the space was utilized and expanded to create a loft space for a home office above which is accessed via a spiral stair designed both functionally and sculpturally to occupy the least amount of space possible while creating a cascading feeling from the loft to the floor. The loft above was detached from the wall that supported it, hung from the ceiling and clad in oak, emphasizing the fact that it is its own element floating in the space. This critical gesture allows light to spill into the entry space and aids in the open feeling of the apartment. The owners are avid cyclists and needed a way to display and store their bikes in this small space so a unique pulley and tie-off system was created to lift them out of the way

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