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Harlem Refettorio 
Food for Soul

Harlem, NYC    2023
Refectory - Community Center


Located inside The Historic Emanuel AME Church, Refettorio Harlem is a community center reviving decades of civic engagement, food recovery and assistance, and education of the arts through cultural programming.  The mission nourishes those unsheltered, isolated or marginalized, living or transitioning among Upper Manhattan through sustainable food assistance initiatives that aim to improve the health and socioeconomic opportunities that positively shift cultural mobility.  Food for Soul’s guiding principles: Value of Hospitality, Power of Beauty and Quality of Ideas have informed the design, services and programs creating a place in which all will feel welcome with dignity and empathy to care for and engage in creating an inclusive and resilient community.  In collaboration with community partners, guest chefs, designers and artists, Refettorio Harlem will be open to events, workshops and culinary experiences that celebrate the cultural history, diversity, collective stories and contemporary innovations of it’s vibrant neighborhoods.


"Imagine a jam session where the most amazing artists are performing, all together, to lift up the souls. What we’re doing in Harlem is exactly the same, a song of collaboration which is unifying Food for Soul efforts and our partners to take action. We’re building our new Refettorios walls, but we cannot stand aside in a moment when communities need the most."  

-   Massimo Bottura

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