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eXchange Chair 

Location: Battery Lower Manhattan, NY

Year: 2012

A proposal for a flexible use, environmentally friendly and durable outdoor chair for The New York City Battery Conservancy. The seating design features a dynamic shape whose continuous surface invites the discovery of multiple uses. Depending upon on the seat's orientation it may be used as an upright chair, a lounge seat, a recliner or a table. The single design accommodates the various needs and moods of the user, its continuous surface hugs the body and simultaneously touches the grass lightly, with a minimum of footprint on the park. The chairs would be formed via injection molding using recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), often used for plastic beverage bottles and reinforced with glass fiber. Addressing the interface between the new park and foot and bicycle access, a precast concrete bicycle and chair docking element is envisioned along the periphery of the Battery Green and features permanent seating, portable seat storage and a continuous bike rack that would be illuminated by LED lights at night.

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