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Greenwich Village Rehab

23 East 10th Street, Greenwich Village, NYC
Completed 2018

750 sf Apartment renovation 

This loft renovation is located in the historic Albert Building, designed by Henry J Hardenbergh: (The Plaza, The Dakota) and home for many artists and musicians through the years. Two side-by side apartments were renovated simultaneously for the owner's two children with the ultimate goal to combine them into one large loft. To create as much flexibility and openness within the relatively small footprint, a central "Hub" was designed which provides utility and a wall-free space while hiding mechanical and lighting equipment within. The living room side receives a work space and entertainment area and the bedroom side is provided with closets and wardrobe. An Existing riveted steel  column was discovered during construction and was integrated into the design lending to the historic and loft-like feel.

Photos by Christian Phillips Photography

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