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Dream House

Location: Anywhere, Earth

Year: 2000 - Concept

Size:  5,000 sf

The project was initiated as a critique of the stereotypical American suburban home and the edification of its image in the media. Instead of designing the house from the established tropes we started with nothing and sculpted what we found at arms reach, initiating the process by arranging discarded scraps of cardboard on a table and ending by creating computer renderings. Each stage of the process was given no forethought and as it was manifest, another manipulation of the form was made using scale-shifts and spacial juxtaposition as our tools until a semblance of architectural form and space was created. What started as a critique of the suburban home became a critique of the processes of presentation and the “eye candy” of computer based imagery. The true irony of all of this was the publication of the project in Architecture Magazine in the “On the Boards” section and the subsequent protests by angry readers who wrote in saying how inappropriate the house is.

(Envisioned while employed at Resolution: 4 Architecture)

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