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Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Competition Entry - MicroHome 2021

270 sf (25 sm)

CHCR:  The Compact Home for Coastal Resilience is envisioned as an innovative, small scale, modular home that addresses coastal integrity and storm surge. Adjustable height support legs combined with a 2 meter high breakwater composed of concrete Dolos raise the unit above projected flood levels and create a structural network that contribute to shoreline stability.

PUBLIC / PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP:  Private development of these units would work in tandem with city-wide initiatives like the “Climate Resiliency Program” and “The Flood Protection Program” to capitalize on home buyers as well as available public funding. This partnership would provide efficient, modern homes and aid to protect the coastline and infrastructure in New York. CHCR units are suspended above the sea providing amazing views of the New York Harbor, Statue of Liberty and have easy access to water taxi and area amenities.

SUSTAINABILE, MODULAR: Fabricated in the Brooklyn Navy Yards using contemporary ship building techniques and sustainable building practices, the CHCR units would be built modularly in a factory. This process would help to re-invigorates the maritime legacy of New York and Brooklyn and create jobs for locals. Because of the proximity of the the Erie basin site, CHCRs would be shipped by barge from the factory just 5 miles away and installed on site the same day reducing their embodied energy. The modular units arrive complete with cladding, plumbing fixtures and cabinetry pre-installed and are craned onto legs supported on underwater reinforced concrete supports with only electrical and plumbing to be tied in at the shore edge. To capitalize on New York Harbor's tidal currents, Tidal Energy Converters (TECs) will be mounted to each forward projecting support leg providing ample electrical power generation for the needs of each unit, the surplus electricity being fed back into the grid. 


Micro-home Competition 2019      PFA:  Saskia Harrison, LJ Porter, Alex Sanchez, Brandon Sanchez

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